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how to buy Sell at StartGaming
      how to buy Sell at StartGaming
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          WooCommerce Currency Switcher

          Earn 15% of each purchase of your invited affiliate.

          Share your STARTGAMING.NET referral link. Earn money every time someone buys with your promoted link. It’s that easy!

          Access or register
          All you need to do is register an account at STARTGAMING and start generating income!
          Create a link
          Share it with your friends, post it on social networks, forums, etc. The possibilities are endless!
          Earn money
          You will get your money every time someone buys a product on STARTGAMING using your link.
          How it works
          You receive up to 15% of each purchase made by your guest
          If someone buys a subscription using your link, you get up to 15% of their purchase.
          Discount with your link
          Your guest can get up to 10% discount if they make the purchase with your referral link.
          Withdraw without limits
          You can withdraw the money you have earned to your bank account or spend these funds in our STARTGAMING store. You choose!
          Earn your share!
          Each person who uses your link will get a cookie file valid for 72 hours. If they buy a product on STARTGAMING.NET within that time, you will get your sales percentage. The cookie file is reactivated each time this person visits your link.
          You benefit every time
          You will earn with each purchase made by the person who uses your link or discount coupon, regardless of the product you are linking to.
          Manage your sales
          STARTGAMING.NET gives you access to a control panel with all the necessary information that will help you keep track of your results.
          — your referrals — sub referrals Referrals of your referrals
          Earn money from friends of your friends!
          If the friend you invite invites another friend who buys a product, you receive 10% of that purchase. With whom do you generate money?

          Level 1: Referrals 15%
          Level 2: Sub-referrals 10% (referrals of referrals)
          Level 3: Sub-referrals 5% (referrals of sub-referrals)
          About our affiliate program:



          If you are here, it is because you want to generate some money for your expenses or simply even earn good money to live on it. Well, everything is possible if you make the effort and dedicate time to it, since the percentage that Startgaming pays is not paid by any other company. We are not going to lengthen this information, since we want our system to be understood in the simplest way possible.


          With each friend that you invite with your link, you receive 15% of what they have paid and if that friend invites other friends, from each friend that they invite you receive 10% of each sale and if those friends that your friend invited make a purchase , you receive 5% of each. That said, if we do all the calculation of all sales, Startgaming loses 30% of its profit which will go directly to your wallet. It’s like having your own store with employees working and you just get the big percentage of it.


          This information is valid both for clients who have friends, as well as entrepreneurs who want to invest their time and possibly their money here to attract traffic in a more professional way.


          We have made a system so simple that any user can use it.


          We wish you the best of luck and don’t forget to invite your friends to start earning some money!

          How do I withdraw my money:

          Once you see activity in your account and money generated, you can count 14 days after the purchase is made and you can withdraw the money to the payment method that is most convenient for you or even receive it inside the store, to be able to buy products that want.