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how to buy Sell at StartGaming
      how to buy Sell at StartGaming
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          1. Order Processing Fee

          For most of the games on Startgaming, we take a certain percentage from your income as Order Processing Fee.  But the Order Processing Fee might be changed for those special games.  

          About the changes of processing fee.

          Default Order Processing Fee:  5%-9% 
          According to different store levels, sellers can enjoy additional fee reductions.

          Processing Fee of special games:  When the processing fee changes, we will mark the specific fee on the product management page, and games that are not mentioned will not be affected.


          2. Withdrawal

          - Payment Cut-off time: 16:00 (GMT+8) Monday - Friday 

          - Payment time:  Before 18:00 (GMT+8) Monday - Friday

          - Required 3 working days to complete payment.


           Method  Transaction fee  Currency  Notes
           Alipay    3.99%+0.99USD  CNY  
           Skrill    3.99%+0.99USD  USD, EUR,  temporarily closed



          Chain Name BTC:3.99%+0.0004BTC  Chain  


          Chain Name ERC20: 3.99%+25.00USD

          Chain Name TRC20: 3.99%+1.99USD   

            Credits Balance   1.5%+0.99USD USD  

          * All the requests out of the cut-off time will be handling the next working day.

          * Non USD payment will take 3% Currency exchange fee.


          - Withdrawal amount exceeds USD 1,000, may take one week to process.

          - The handling fee of the payee is subject to the actual situation of the withdrawal account, and some handling fees charged by the beneficiary Account are not included.

          - Payment will be received immediately once it is completed. 

          3. Revenue reserve 

          Currently, the default revenue reserves are 10% of the income for each order, except for some special games and listing types(Mostly high-risk projects). We will mark the specific price when you submit the listing application.

          4. Security Deposit

          To ensure the benefits between platform and users(Include buyers and sellers) and protect the security of orders. Startgaming will set up a Security Deposit for the seller who providing some specific products and services. The deposit value will base on the game popularity ranking, the minimum amount is 100 USD.