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      how to buy Sell at StartGaming
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          Why my order shows "Auditing"?


          StartGaming is a company conducting businesses in regions where we are subject to Anti Money Laundering (AML) regulations. As such, we are fully committed to work with Monetary Authority to enhance and adjust the measures and internal monitoring mechanisms according to the requirements of international standards and applicable local legislation and jurisdiction.

          While making sure the seller provides real services, we still need to be more serious with the transactions and avoid illegal activities. 

          Your order may be changed to "Auditing" status when the system tracked some suspicious activities. Such as ordering high price product(Over 100USD), IP address changes, frequent purchases in a short time, the receipt profile does not match the registered profile or linked with the unauthorized case.

          The most popular problem is some children stolen their parent's money and buy something without permission. As a game product trading platform, we should be more careful about this.

          How to complete the audit?

          StartGaming will send an audit email to your user email about the audit. You should reply to that email, or using payment email to send a message to

          For some high-risk activities, you may need to provide your own identity card and face photo for verification. The photo should be clear and show your name and face.

          To protect your privacy, please cover or mosaic important information (ID numbers, address and other personal details), and mark this sentence on the photo: “Only for identity confirmation on StartGaming, other uses will be forbidden.”

          You can also reject completing the identity confirmation, but it also means, your risk level will be on high and it is not good for purchasing and orders can not be processed by the sellers.